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Advanced Energy Systems

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About This Course

Introduction to renewable energy systems, current and future global energy issues and the need for renewable energy applications, and distributed renewable energy generation. Types of alternative energy sources which are solar PV, wind power. The sun and the sun light, Solar cells and their IV characteristics, PV module and PV array. Stand-alone and grid-connected PV systems design. Solar hydrogen system and the fuel cells. The wind as an alternative energy source, wind turbines and wind turbine power, the wind turbine model. Wind energy systems, grid-connected wind energy system. Tidal Energy (Hydropower), tidal turbines. The Microgrid.

Benefit of the course

  • To know the energy crisis
  • To know the different sources of energy
  • To know the parts of the renewable energy and how is works
  • To design renewable energy system
  • To know the important concepts of Microgrid
  • Requirements

    EE341, ES214

    Course Staff

    Course Staff Image #1

    Mr. Zakariya Rajab


    University of Benghazi, Faculty of Engineering

    1. Course Number

    2. Classes Start

      T1 2020
    3. Classes End

    4. Estimated Effort

      9 Hours